Our Company


We believe we have the finest workforce in the industry.

A culture of accomplishment

We believe we have the finest workforce in the steel industry.

First, we hire the best because we look for the best. We have high standards, and we hire people who can meet those high standards. We also seek people who share the entrepreneurial spirit that led to the creation of Steel Dynamics.

Then we provide these employees with a work environment in which they can excel. We give them the latitude to get the job done right. We encourage feedback from employees at every level. We listen to and often implement fresh ideas we think will result in increased productivity, profitability or safer working conditions. Teamwork and communication are cornerstones of our culture.

Incentive-rich culture

In our incentive-rich culture, our can-do employees are well rewarded for their hard work and commitment. Our hourly employees can earn regular production and conversion bonuses for high productivity and efficiency, while our salaried employees can earn return-on-assets bonuses. We also offer profit sharing, outstanding retirement programs, tuition reimbursement for continuing education and a comprehensive health insurance plan. And while our employees take ownership in all they do, we offer them literal ownership in the company through stock options—an added incentive to excel.

Additionally, we continually upgrade our facilities, equipment and processes in an effort to make our employees more efficient and safer on the job. We also enhance employees’ skills and increase their versatility through ongoing education and cross-training.

Promoting from within

We promote from within at every opportunity. Additionally, we don’t recognize traditional boundaries in place at some companies. Because they’re smart and resourceful, our employees can move seamlessly from one area of expertise to another.

In short, we provide an environment in which employees, by striving to ensure the company’s success, also further their own personal success, prosperity and professional fulfillment.