Strategic Pillars

We refer to our founding principles as our six core strategic pillars. They bring us together with a common focus, and they provide the foundation upon which we operate and grow. Our unique entrepreneurial culture and business model benefit us operationally, financially, and through the responsible use of our resources in diverse economic environments. Innovation in all forms is essential to our success, and our teams focus on how to do things “smarter” within our current operations as well as how we continue to grow. This means creating solutions for our teammates, customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders. It also includes finding ways to “do business” with fewer resources and less environmental impact.


Creating and maintaining a safe work environment is core to our values. We want every employee to go home safely at the end of each shift and take an active role in remaining safe both on the job and at home. Our goal is zero incidents—no accidents, no lost workdays, no injuries. We will not be satisfied until our goal is achieved by taking team-based and personal responsibility for creating and maintaining a safe working environment at every location.

Employees take an active role in safety so they make a concerted effort to be safe and look out for each other. Within our culture, we believe if you act safely at home, you’ll also work safely on the job.


Our entrepreneurial culture fosters a team of energetic, positive, driven and innovative individuals by utilizing performance-based compensation aligned to our strategic focus. This results in our low-cost, safe and efficient operations and the production of quality products.

Customer Commitment

We focus on staying our customers’ preferred supplier by providing outstanding products and solutions that exceed expectations, as we anticipate their future needs and deliver greater value.


We are one of the most diversified, high-margin product providers of any domestic steel producer. We focus on growth through capital-effective opportunities that leverage our existing culture and areas of expertise.


Through employee creativity and ingenuity, we drive innovation to improve safety, quality and productivity, implementing innovative technologies and processes in order to perform at the highest level and consistently achieve excellence in all that we do.

Financial Strength

We sustain lowest cost operating platforms through supply-chain self-sufficiency, which reduces working capital. We maintain long-term sustainability of capital structure, with optionality through the business cycle. We take a disciplined approach to capital investments and superior returns.

Creating solutions for our team, customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders.